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The Onyx Demon, Book One in the Bosses of Bane Series

The Onyx Demon eBook Cover.jpg

During the Renaissance Era, it was the Capulets and the Montagues who were at odds. At the time of the Reconstruction Era, the Hatfields and McCoys had their decades long family feud. And now, in this Modern Age, the Bettencourts and Brexleys were up at bat to claim the historical title.


The Bettencourts and Brexleys have been enemies for years, both owning the top media conglomerates in the world. Ace Bettencourt and Maxwell Brexley are the next in line to be the CEOs of their family’s respective corporations. Destined to cross paths, the two eventually meet in prep school, and it is then that their true

animosity for one another develops.


But as these two sworn adversaries become increasingly at odds with each other, they fail to realize that sexual tension is also stirring between them. Will these two follow their fates in becoming the next CEOs of their companies, bringing pride to their family names and legacies, or will their love and/or possibly hatred for one another be their undoing in the end?


“Maxwell Brexley was known as the Onyx Demon, but just like any demons in your life, you have three options in how to handle them: You can either put them away, exorcize them, or carry them with you.”

Published by Spectrum Books

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