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Bryan Hoenig has it all.

A wardrobe full of the most fashionable and one of a kind clothes, millions of adoring social media followers skyrocketing him to full-blown influencer status and a future stake in a major European construction company.

But beneath Bryan’s perfectly curated surface lies a shattered life crippled by depression and self-esteem issues. One just fragile enough that an outlandish comment from a digital stranger sends him spiraling out of control and into the intoxicating embrace of the New York City nightlife - drunk and ready for any trouble that comes his way.

As Bryan gives himself to the music and gets lost in the sweaty sea of the dance floor, he crosses paths with Vic, a tall and incredibly sexy stranger who finds himself on the receiving end of Bryan's drunken confessions.

But what started as a loose-lipped tell all at the bar turns into something darker as the lives of the two men become more and more entangled.

When Vic’s obsessive nature comes dangerously close to the surface, he immerses himself into Bryan's life, desperate to protect him from everything and anyone - by any means necessary. But how far is too far? How far will Vic go to keep the sins of his past from derailing his carefully-laid plans for the future?

Because you know what they say about the secrets we keep…the only way to truly get rid of them is to hit the kill switch.

Published by Spectrum Books

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Praise for Sinfluenced

Sinfluenced by B J Irons is the latest from this young storytelling master. With each book we have witnessed this author’s evolution which has me impatiently anticipating what he has planned next. 

-Goodreads Review

I was not expecting this at all! Boy was I surprised. So much steam, thrill, and suspense. Did not see that ending coming!

-Amazon Review

Plenty of action in and out of the sheets, heat turned to the max.

It will make you re-think that social media account!

-Amazon Review

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