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Second Guess

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Landon Shriver is on cloud nine. He is an art gallery owner, comes from a wealthy family, and is married to successful debonair real estate agent Theo Parks. Nothing could possibly burst Landon’s picture-perfect lifestyle bubble, until one fatal night, that is.

A burglary turned homicide attempt in the middle of the night at their new home proves to cause so much angst and turmoil between the couple. But was this home invasion a random attack, or was it pre-meditated? So many entangled webs of lies, secrets, and deceit come to the surface that puts Landon and Theo’s entire marriage in jeopardy.

Is everyone who they claim to be? And does everyone really know who they are in a relationship with? No matter what the answer, one thing is for certain. When a murder happens that close to home, it always leaves everyone second-guessing.

Published by Spectrum Books

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