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Rippling Waters

Rippling Waters by B. J. Irons

Beneath the surface, tension is building in Scott and Garrett Pedrick’s marriage. Once thrilling and passionate sex has become infrequent and stale. Long days at his private practice keeps Scott away from their new home, leaving Garrett resentful of the mounting list of household chores and new responsibilities on his shoulders, including hiring someone to take care of the pool.

Logan Rippling, the new pool boy, meets Scott and Garrett and immediately sees in them everything he wants: friends, money and domestic bliss. Week after week, he cleans their pool, growing envious of their lifestyle from afar, until the seemingly perfect couple invites him to their summer bash, and then into their bed.

Like water, obsession distorts reality, and no one is who they appear to be.

One of these men is manipulative.
One is hiding a naughty secret.
And one is downright deadly.

Warning: contains sexual situations, sexual sabotage, shenanigans in an Uber car and just downright dirty manipulation.

Praise for Rippling Waters

This book has suspense, drama, sex and deception, leading to a lethal ending.
Rippling Waters is packed with twists and turns that will keep you wanting more!


-Goodreads Review

I absolutely loved it! There was so much drama and suspense. I was left guessing as to who was to blame until the end! This book reminds me of the gay version of The Last Mrs. Parrish, but better!

-Amazon Review

Oh. My. Word! The moment I realized what really happened, I couldn’t stop reading to see if I was correct. Secrets abound and along the way we experience a very steamy M/M relationship.

-Goodreads Review

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