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Meduso - Book 1 in the Mythologay Series

Meduso by B. J. Irons

Venomous snakes for hair.
A glare that will cast people to stone.
Beheaded by the tragic Greek hero, Perseus.

It’s a safe assumption that we all know the basic facts about one of Greek Mythology’s most famous monsters, Medusa; the beautiful maiden cursed and turned into a Gorgon. Her tragic story and death at the hands of the hero, Perseus, has been told countless times for thousands of years.

But the thing with Greek Mythology is just that. They are myths. Narrated, fictional legends as old as time that have been passed down from generation to generation. Time has a way of changing the original tale. So, how can we be sure that the myths we think we know are the real story?

What if important aspects of these myths have been altered? What if the monster wasn’t really a monster at all? What if Medusa wasn’t actually Medusa? What if her name was Meduso? And what if she wasn’t a her, but a him? This is the tale of Meduso and his death at the hands of the hero Perseus’ sword. It is a tale of innocence, love, betrayal, and tragedy.

Published by Spectrum Books

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Praise for Meduso

The ups and downs of Meduso’s quest for love and his relationship with Perseus are both tragic and captivating. I read… and wept… yet kept reading. It is a great book.

-Goodreads Review

Friends this one was excellent. BJ Irons knocked it out of the park. Such a fresh take on a very familiar story. Romantic. Tragic. I loved everything about it and can’t wait for more in this series.

-Amazon Review

This was a beautifully done Greek mythology retelling, it kept the spirit of the original myth and created a beautifully done retelling. I enjoyed the myth of Meduso and look forward to more in this series.

-Amazon Review

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